Tessier-Ashpool SPECIAL OPS

As a member of Tessier-Ashpool SPECIAL OPS, I had to make a ninja mission to MicroCenter:
read Neuromancer by William Gibson

The MagicBox WS has a 1 terabyte RAID SSD drive and the rest of my stuff is on 2TB of rotating rust. Two days ago my PC has been making random spinney wobbly rubbey noises. Testing showed my two backup drives had failed at the same time. I made this art when I got home from the store with a new WD HD. I haven't put the new HD in yet. I am tired now.

I was trying to capture the instant the data stream of my photo while buying the new drive was sent to the new backup at lower left squished, and copied over to the new drive. My work appears simplistic, minimal, doesn't look very interesting, but I have 3 hours, 18 layers in this 20MB collage. I try to pay particular attention to typography and sweet alignment.

Maybe my art sucks but I hope it evokes Piet Mondrian, De Stijl and shades of Corbusier, but it's probably mostly OCD.

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