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Tesla trucks

0-60 in 5 seconds with no load
80k gross max weight
65 mph UP a 5% grade
500 Miles max range At 60mph at max load
charges 400 miles range in 30 minutes
drivetrain is warrietied for a Million miles

roadster new version



Looks very impressive, I’m all for EVs. I might buy the roadster when it comes out.

wonder if the new version roadster is all about speed

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Was really hoping this was going to be a pickup… maybe about Tacoma/Hilux size… that’d be nice…

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999km range, if that holds true it’s mighty impressive.

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charges 400mi in 30 min they say

Model 3 is available they say…

Seriously though, I like what Tesla is doing and what they’re planning, but they really need their sh*t together production wise before they can even dream of companies buying those trucks…
Because if that order of a truck doesn’t arrive in time it’s bad news.

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for sure

That would be very impressive if it holds true. Maybe multiple superchargers, or something along those lines.

The top is filled with yes men licking Elon’s asshole, vp’s getting fired after launch is a regular occurrence.
The biggest bottlenck for the mode 3 is battery packs, the giga factory isn’t supply enough so the line in Fremont stops all the time.

vs the existing car ones

looks like the car ones connectors are about the size of q-tips
the truck looking more like crayons

If Telsa actually advertised this Elon needs a slap on the wrist, it’s a commercial vehicle not a model s.

well, to be fair, he needs to hype the performance somehow
like the 5% uphill grade speed of 60 vs desil at like 45


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auto industry hates his ass
yes he needs to drive up some hype

they had a goofy look ing mockup




that pic is great

I didnt see the roadster as the news was all about the semi, but it looks really good