Tesla Model 3 Event

The Tesla model 3 unveiling Event is tonight!

The official Stream will start at9pm pst 11pm Central.

Offical Stream: https://livestream.tesla.com/

requires an email :confused:


44k for 310 mile range with under 6 second 0 60 is impressive. Meanwhile a equivalent priced muscle car is only around a second or so quicker 0-60. Tesla is really stepping up their game. I just wish tesla would make a hybrid for now to compete with the convenience of filling up compared to charging. The infrastructure for electric cars just isnt there yet and makes trying to only drive an electric car difficult.


When does he take a speaking class?

Here a video without most of the gaps and stuttering:

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That would go totally against the spirit of Tesla and Elon Musk to go the faster possible the switch to all electric.


There are plenty of videos on you tube showing that you can drive a Tesla with out problems even extended trips if planed properly.
If you charge the car at night 90% of the trips the average person makes can easily be done.

Here’s a map of all the current Super Chargers and Planned super chargers. Keep in mind most of them are only 80-120miles away from each other make cross-country trips easy. Most superchagers charges up to 80% in around 35minutes.

And keep in mind most owners will not use a supercharger. If its your daily driver, you plug the car in at your house every night and it will charge to full. You only need to use a super charger if you are driving more than your range in a single day. How often do you make road trips? thats the question you should ask when considering range options.

Two more things.

  1. Tesla is the only high speed charging network out there. There are other but they are an order of magnitude sparser, AND significantly slower.

  2. the amount of super charges currently on that map are going to TRIPLE by the end of next year.

LOL! I know his public speaking skills are not the best but i guess that’s his charm, and the world loves him the same.

watching the stutter live (at 1:25) was funnier than hell.

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Yeah, I get a bit suspicious of people who talk like robots, with immaculately crafted sentences. It is good to see a human element. He probably needs to change down a gear or two when he starts talking, if that is even possible.

Either way, it will be a couple of years before I get mine i think. Late 2018 for RH drive. The lack of super charging infrastructure in Australia doesn’t bother me too much at this point, it’s not like I go too many places. There are some chargers down the east coast, so should have me covered.

I welcome the whole idea of cars doing the driving and removing responsibility from me. I wonder if it will be preferable to have it drive me somewhere overnight than take a plane right. Probably going to be cheaper, roomier, and I get to travel how I want. Just need to put a bed in there. And a bar fridge. I hate driving long distance, keep zoning out and find it hard to concentrate.

For context I reserved a few days before the event.

Elon has said that there are now over 500,000 reservations.

Well, those prices are really good, I can see these Model 3 selling like crazy in Norway thanks to the incentives from the goverment. I hope we can go full electric in 10/20 years.

Ustream :cold_sweat:

I think Elon’s stutter is 1.) yes, an actual stutter and 2.) a mechanism he uses on purpose to let information sink in and make him appear more human.

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As a car guy I have to say I dont really like all the autonomous electric driving. But as a tech guy I really am impressed what tech they cramped into that price point. For me Tesla is still a concept car factory. From what I have heared they arent very reliable and have lots of small electrical gremlins here and there. I think they need another 2-5 years to fully mature and get the hang of costumer service and the reliable issues. But I really hope they succeed.

What Tesla motors are doing is great. I can get behind that any day. My game plan is after I start my programming career. I’ll use my saved funds to finely buy me a Tesla. I really want a Model X. However, the Model 3 look very SEXY. see what I did there :rofl:

Keep your eyes Peeled for the model Y. (S3XY)

It’s yet to be shown but it’s one of the next cars set to release in the coming 5 years. It’s rumored to be a crossover.

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I always loved the fact the the model 3 was meant to be called model e. Now lets see if he call’s the semi truck the is next will be the Y.

They’ve already got one though, the model X

True, by definition.

I think they said they were aiming for a size between 3 & X for the Y,Link\

Wait… By the time I get a 3, the Y will be on the horizon. Eh whatever I’ll be happy with what I got.

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That is a long time compared to filling up in under 5 minutes. I do think electric is the future i just wont be using electric until i can fill up around 100% in about 10 minutes.