Tesla K20x - After Market Cooler


I picked up a Tesla K20x intended for a blade. I was wondering if there was an aftermarket cooler I could get for it? If not, I’ll get a sheet of aluminum and rig up a duct. Not a powerful card, but I wanted to do some testing.


Why not take off the plastic shrout and attach a couple of 80/90mm fans? You can check if the space between the mounting holes is the same as other Nvidia cards and buy an Arctic aftermarket cooler for that GPU. Those cooler clear all the SMDs, caps and anything on the card by default and use alluminum add-ons to cool VRMs and memory chips.

I’m necroing myself here. Plans got derailed in May, but I’m finally able to spend some time working on this. I have a message into Arctic to see if they have something that fits. Wish me luck.