Tesla autopilot

It is an autopilot, not an autonomous driver! Can people please get that into their head?
Every time someone dies while the autopilot is helping out, the person who died did something wrong. Actually, are the people that sued McDonalds over burning themself with hot coffee, die while diving into toilets and dry their pets in the microwave (warning labels F-Yeah!) the same who misuse the autopilot?

And for the love of God, get the media to shut the F up for ONE TIME!


To be fair I think it was a mistake naming the feature autopilot

Fords driving assitant does less, Volvos does less, Jeeps does less (or more depending on your skill with computers...)
I think calling it an autopilot is correct as it does the same the autopilot on planes does: Help you out but not make you obsolete in the driving seat.

People need to read the damn instruction manual and stop f****** up
you don't turn this feature on and then go the hell to sleep

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You guys pretty much summed it up. Like @wendell and @KuramaKitsune , autopilot was kind of a bad naming idea. When auto pilot opens, it does explicitly tell you its is a lane assist and your hands need to be kept on the wheel at all time. My friends model s actually gets mad at you when you take your hands off the wheel, similar to like a seat belt alarm.

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Job security.