Terrible 4K performance

Hello, I recently updated my build and started gaming at 4K, and LG performance is terrible. Used to work fine at 1080p.

I am running a 7950X with iGPU for the host, Asus ProArt B650, 32GB 6000 CL30 dual channel RAM and an AMD 7900XTX GPU for the guest using Windows 10.

With the guest GPU either plugged into my monitor via DP or to an HDMI dummy and using LG, I get ~40fps (confirmed by Afterburner and LG FPS and UPS) at a 100% GPU utilization.

By directly using the monitor via DP, I get 140+fps.

I am on Arch Linux 6.2.11, LG B6 both host and guest, using KDE with X11 with “VariableRefresh” and “TearFree” options enabled and confirmed to be working. shmem is set at 128M.

I am worried that I might have set the wrong setting somewhere and I feel like the Linux host is actually causing the issues, because driving the display directly from the guest GPU works as expected.

Is there something I can do to troubleshoot or try?

Your bottleneck is probably your iGPU. iGPUs lack VRAM and use the system RAM as a “poor man’s” VRAM. Using an iGPU has a dramatic performance hit with LookingGlass. Once your expectations go beyond the basic [email protected], you should seriously consider following our recommended requirements.

I am doing a case swap in the coming days, I will try with an RX 570 as the host GPU to see if anything changes and report back.

Also provide at the very minimum your LG client log (terminal output) so we can see how you have your system configured and if there are any glaring issues.