Terraria for $3.39

Yep. On steam.


Could anyone spare $3.50 and get this for me? I'll pay it forward.


Since I'm feeling generous, and have some money to spare, I'd gladly buy it for you. :D

Mah profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gnoong/


Good person Matman24.

InB4 screenshot uploaded to meme website?


Thanks a bunch, mate.

952.9 hours (39.75 days) of play time (for all games), still hasn't played 24 of his games. Matman24.

No problem. I've had way too much fun playing Terraria, and thought I'd share that with someone else. And I'll get around to 'em eventually. :) I'm currently replaying through HL2. 

Well I have on friend (shocking, right?) who reccommended it to me about 4 months ago and I just haven't had the cash to get it.