Terracoins more profitable than LTC, BTC, etc?

According to dustcoin.com TRC is usally higher in ratio, meaning more $$$. Is this true? is TRC better than LTC?

Although it may be true in theory, you have to consider more than just the current trade price.

Terracoins and novacoins are both quite difficult to trade, meaning that it is harder and less convenient to offload them. I'm pretty sure you cant change either of them into $, you have to go through btc or ltc first. This means that it is harder to calculate when it is the right time to buy/sell.

I also know that they have quite wild fluctuations in prices, not in $ terms but in % terms. i.e the value may halve from 20c to 10c over the course of the day.

In addition to this, they are not espescially viable forms of currency. They do not fulfill any role that is not already filled by either LTC or BTC. As a result, their only purpose is as another medium of exchange (a way to store your bitcoins if you will). This means that they are not necessarily here to stay. Although i dont think they will completely disappear, they wont gain acceptance and continue to grow as a currency.

From all this, i dont really think its worth it. I would recommend LTC for solo mining.

This is not to say mining the alternative currencies can't be more effective. i just dont think its a long term option and there are greater risks involved.

My thoughts anyway :)

I agree I wasn't convinced that it would be better, thanks

trc is 89% btc is 100% and ltc is 130%

the only coin that is arround litecoin is novacoin... and that has trade problems.