Terminator Salvation

Just got back from seeing the new Terminator movie, all i can say is that it was pretty...........ok.
Nothing special really.
Arnold makes a cameo, well its more like old edited footage of him, but at least he is in the movie.
Other than that the movie as a whole was pretty lack luster and i didn't feel like any of the characters really had a connection with any of the audience.

Also there seem to be a couple of plot holes.
Didn't skynet fire nuclear bombs all over the world? if so why can humans walk around freely without any problems regarding radiation.
Human resistance bases seem to be located out in the open with no real defence, the machines could probably bomb them all to death but i guess not?
And why weren't there any of the cool lazer guns that i got to see in the first terminator movie? lazers could have made the movie a whole lot better.
Everyone else who goes to see this movie will probably have similar things to say,

I saw this film i think it was pretty good to be honest, not as good as star trek cos thats just awesome. i think skynet just shot nukes to major cities around the world (though i dont understand how they could live in LA), some bases had defence, eg the base with magnetic mines but i see your points with air attacks, ah the lasers i think i can explain i dont think there as far into the future as term 1 as kyle rhys looks way younger then what he's ment to be. id rate it 8/10 overall if star trek was 11/10

Yeah i thought that about the lazers too.
Were you wondering why the hell that little kid was in the movie?
All she did was hand things to people, they literally could have replaced her character with a bag or something and nobody would have noticed.

I hope they make another one because that ending did not satisfy my what so ever.

you hope they make another movie to replace terminator salvation not to make another bad sequel


They should make a new Terminator movie and call it terminator 4.

Did anybody else who saw the movie wonder why the terminators were wearing bandannas and little bits of clothing, it made them look cool but why would a killing machine need to have something like fashion programmed into them?

It looked as if some of the terminators had patches of skin on them in some parts, maybe why the humans were taken to skynet? Maybe to make lots of weaker terminatorsfrom half metal half human (not the infiltrator ones that one of the main characters was)? But yeh that kid was kinda strange, helpful but why put her in the movie. I would like MOAR terminator films as long as they keep to a minimum standard of 'great' although they should all reach 'awesomesauce' standard.

All i can say now is, Transformers 2 next =)

Yeah the terminators looked like the may have a bit of skin on them but why? the whole infiltration thing is a bit irrelevant when your carrying and firing a mini gun with 1 hand.

apparently it would only take 3 months for radiation levels to decreace to where you would walk around surrounding areas of the blast zones i herd about it when i was watching a Cold War documentary ae.

Well you proved me wrong on that one.

um i just saw the movie it was ok good action movie but nothing realy to prove taht it was a good movie had no real scence of involvment in the movie just seems to be telling more than imercing the viewer in the movie

There was no connection created between the audience and the characters.

yea bro and it felt like you were missing alot of a story