Temps for MSI or Sapphire 390,390x,etc

Wanted to know if anyone has seen reviews or know the Temperature differences between these two brands wanted to know which one i should get of a 390 but any information showing other cards with the same coolers works too.

Tom's hardware did a 300-round up featuring the MSI brand. They weren't the most impressed by the MSI cooling solution. Tom's has been voicing a rather silent crusade against backplates, lately.

Some other links:

Oh thanks alot man this will be useful interesting though. i was tempted to get msi for the looks, the color matches my red theme i have going and the LED's on the gpu were a plus lol but Tri-x had 3 fans and my place gets really hot without AC Do you have the link to that tom's hardware roundup?

It was hyperlinked in the sentence, but those can be hard to spot:


The R9 380 fairs the best for PCB temperatures, but the R7 370 really kind of blows chunks. The R9 390X is middle-of-the-road between the two. Part of me wonders if these were press samples? Either way, MSI usually does a pretty decent job with their cooling solutions, but there are exceptions to every rule - their R9 280X had issues with keeping VRM temps down, and they had to release a firmware update to up the fan curve.

I'd take a look to see if you can find any other reviews of MSI's solutions.