Temps and Voltages for i5-4690k

Hey guys, just wondering about a few things. I've heard mixed things about idle temps for devils canyon, but I'm getting 35-40c idle temps for my CPU, seems a bit hot. Is that normal? 


Whats a a safe voltage to use when overclocking these things?

Generally with Haswell you'll want to stay around 1,250V +/-0,050V voltage. I don't have a 4690K but my 4670K idles at 33-36°C.

I managed to hit 4,5Ghz completlely stable at 1,250V at load temps (Games not prime95) of between 40 and 45 degrees with my h100i + 2 NF-F12 ippc 3000PWM fans running at about 1100RPM.

I've got quite lucky with my chip it seems though. From what i've seen this isn't the average 4670k.

Hopefully this could give you some insights.

Also your CPU temperature depends on the ambient temperature. My room is normally somewhere between 24 and 26°C

You should worry more about your max temps under load than idle temps. Ambient temps will affect your cpu temps as well. The quality of the cpu cooler and how well you placed the cooler onto the cpu will affect it as well. Just don't overclock on a stock cooler.

For voltage, it is a lottery really. I will depend on the batch you get. If you get a good batch. You start with 4.5 GhZ at 1.25 V and go up or down with the voltage until stable. A really good chip can go lower than 1.2V. 

Some may require higher voltage due to silicon lottery. The 4690k may have a high chance of getting a good binned chip.



I'm using the NH d14 with the two fans that came with, and mounted it vertically (some people say that the orientation does make a difference). I'm using the Article Silver 5 for the paste between the two and I think I've got a good position between the two. 

Are there any good in depth videos for all the settings I need to set? I'd like to keep the power saving ability like the C states as we'll has have the oomphf of the power of an overclock 

What motherboard do you have?

Asus Z97M Plus

Thanks for the reply!

My room is around 80-90F (yay Texas weather), under light load (40% cpu usage) im at 62c.... I'm fairly sure Microsoft office and application installations arent the new benchmarking programs right?

You you can have your C-states on when overclocking.

This guide is good to read. The bios is similar to an extent.

This video is good to look at. The guide starts roughly at 10 mins in. There will be an annotations linking to that section after the intro.

The 4690k is still essentially a Haswell chip so previous Z87 overclocking guides applies still.



Thanks for the help! I'll use this as a reference for my system

Just an FYI, the T-Junction (or the maximum safe temperature you should run your CPU at for extended periods) for Intel CPUs is about 90°-95°C, I thought this would be useful for your overclocking endeavors.

Thanks. My safe spot is 80, 70 is my comfort zone. Is it odd that under p95 load, the CPU hits about 80-88c? It's looking like other people out there are getting much MUCH lower temps than I am.

I would not recommend using prime95 with an Intel CPU because prime95 tends to highjack your voltages and raise them to uncomfortable levels, OCCT I think is a better stress test for Intel CPUs. Also if you want to get lower temps set you need to undervolt (find the lowest stable voltage at a frequency) your system at stock frequencies and then start overclocking

Thank you for the advice. I'll use OCCT for stability rather than P95. So start at stock and lower it, got it. Whats the optimal under voltage to achieve while getting a decent OC (4.5-4.8) while keeping safe temps?

Well voltages for stable OC at 4.5-4.8 can vary greatly some people can get stable at <1.3V others can't even get it stable at 1.4V so you are going to just have to play around because each chip is different. This is a good guide that walks you through the process of undervolting and overclocking after you found the lowest point


Keep in mind that this is a different platform but the procedures are very similar. Also be very, very careful when you start working on voltages, setting your voltages wrong is a very easy way to ruin your system so be careful.

My i7-4790k is @ 4.7Ghz running at around 1.35v which gets me around 30-40 idle.  I believe stock settings are around 1.2v-1.25v generally that should be pretty safe.  like others have said, the limit of the thermals are i believe 102c (that's when the chip will go into protection and shut down ur system). Intel suggests not to pass 92c.  Devils Canyon runs a slightly hotter than Haswell.  Even though it gets better thermal temp per clock, it's generally clocked higher so the difference is shown when running at full load.  Don't worry about your idle temps, they seem alright, this is 22nm chip which means it'll burn hotter naturally then other chips in general.

Just got a 4690k. It runs stable at 4.5ghz 1.115 Vcore 50 degrees on air. I think i was lucky :)