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Temporary GPU till 3000 launch?

Right now I’m rocking an r9 380 4GB on a 1440p 144hz monitor. Now with being online with college (and most likely working from home with internships), I have a high need to upgrade my GPU (I’m going well over 4GB VRAM on Battlefront 2 on low 1440p and Arkham Knight at 1440p, not to mention the core gpu is getting slow)

I was planning on getting a new RTX 3000 gpu about a month after they launch (I want to get into cuda programming and deep learning, don’t care at all about ray tracing otherwise), but since that wont happen till Q4 this year at the earliest, I wanna know if buying (or even renting if the prices are low enough) a used 980ti/1070/1070ti would be beneficial until I can wait till after the launch of the 3000 series and get a solid GPU that can last me 3-5 years.

There is uncertainty with the world right now. If you have a need for a new GPU I would suggest you get a RTX 2000 now (just make sure you have more disposable cash later, just in case stuff happens). RTX may release this Q4 but it doesnt mean you can get one off the shelf or off Amazon anytime soon. The bonus is you start learning now instead of later.

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This is your temporary GPU.

Buying anything more powerful in the interim is pissing money away, which is not really a great idea in this economic climate.

We’re staring down the barrel of the worst economic depression since the 20s and potentially millions of dead in the next 12 months.


How about an RTX2060KO? Or 1660 Super?

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“How about an RTX2060KO? Or 1660 Super?”

Thought about it. However I really want the tensor cores for ML/DL operations, and idk about how long the 2060 will last in terms of 1440p performance.

Oh, I was suggesting the 2060 as a temporary gpu till you get a 3080/Ti.

You could probably get a 2070 Super and have 1440p usability for a long time.

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If it’s just temporary, I do agree it would be a waste given the amount of time you plan on having it before upgrading… aside from the fact that you mention wanting to do programming around CUDA.

If that’s something you’ll realistically put some time in learning before your 3xxx upgrade, then a used GTX 1070 would likely fit the bill pretty well. Looks like it can run the 2 games you mention pretty well @ 1440p (Ultra):

I picked up a used 1070 last year as a “hold over” until the 3000 series cards came out; it runs things at 1440p just fine for the most part. However part of my reasoning was I was planning(and ended up doing) a monitor upgrade to a 4k 120hz panel and needed something with DP 1.4, so my GTX 980 wouldn’t work properly for the new monitor. My intention is to get a 3080 or 3080ti shortly after launch so I can push 4k 120hz properly; for now I mostly play in 1440p.

Specs have been leaked, I would just wait a hot minute. It’s almost here.