Temperature Measurement Tool

So recently I bought a Core i7 3930k and a H100 in order to OC it to the max. In order to reach optimal temps, I have always used CoreTemp as my diagnostic tool. Not so much to my delight, CoreTemp was posting 72C on Core #0 at 100% Load, Turboboost(3.8G) + HT which I assumed to be CRAZY HIGH for any cpu using an H100. I replaced the original TIM with MX-4 to attempt to yield better results, no luck. I decided my tool might be wrong and viola when I used the OC Key that came with my Rampge IV it posted load temp at 55C, which was much more realistic IMO. So my question is, what should I trust? OC Key or CoreTemp. Do you all have an accurate tool that you use such as HW monitor or RealTemp?

Always use the bios. HWMonitor works really nicely to

PCWizard is probably my favorite, has a desktop overlay that works really nicely.


i use SIW

I use hardware monitor. In my experience, the bios temps aren't very accurate either.