Temperature issues :(

hi guys 

i got my stuff today, put everything together, however i had a crappy psu which i used for the time being soon i'll get a proper one. it's one of those cheap Chinese ones that says its 650wat but can't ouput 100 watt lol :D 

so the cpu is a fx-8320 and the mobo is msi 990fxa-gd65, if u take a look at this picture u might see what's goin on:


the cpu and core temps are varying alot. i know how the sensors work or where they are. i just wanna if anyone else is experiencing this or is this normal at all. 

my cooler is a zalman cnps5x performa at it's running at almost max RPM in that pic 



results from overdrive 


Those likely aren't the correct temperatures. Try out AMD's OverDrive utility. It should give you an accurate temp reading.

is it something to do with fx series ? apparently they don't show accurate temps anyway ... and everyone around the internet is getting those weird temps :/

I know that the FX series is not the best for accurately displaying temperatures. You should try out a program called core temp, it's what I use and seems to be pretty accurate.

Core Temp is pretty good.Speccy is good as well.The temps on the two programs are always the same when i cross reference on my rig.

And the FX series doesn't show "proper" temps until you hit 40C or so.

I don't think CoreTemp gets accurate temps on FX CPU's. I used it for my older Athlon II x4 CPU, but when I built the FX-6300, it didn't show proper temperatures. Using AMD's overdrive utility, I discovered I had to put in an offset of 16c to get proper temps.

A little bit of both. AMD's sensors aren't as precise as intels, and they use some sort of obscure sensor that most monitoring utilities can't correctly identify (software issue). You can usually find it labeled as something else, at least that was the case with HWMonitor. The CPU temp was way off, but comparing the readings with AMD's overdrive (which is how I found the offset as well), I found the correct CPU temperature labeled as something else that seemed nonsensical.

so what is the real solution to this problem if there is any at all ... tbh i'm a intel/nvidia fanboy ... and i stick with nvidia but due to money limitations i had to go the amd side and actually see how it is ... and i can tell you that with proper support these chips perform real good, at least for the money but i still choose intel cause i don't have to come across these unreal temps. every little thing could be as annoying. even wrong temp reads.

so the main problem was that in bios or through other temp programs, the CPU temp is much much higher than core temp ... both seem way off ... infact i don't trust the CPU temp at all the core temp looks much more accurate. bare in mind my room was freezing [as i had all windows open, it windy as well]+ the airflow inside my case is very good [everytime i touch my case it's freezing regardless of open windows] + i had the cpu capped at 3.5 the temps do tend to fluctuate alot jumping between 11-14-18-21-24, i assume that's because of the clock/volt variations accruing due to halt state . AIDA64 is a very known and trusted program and it's in constant development, they had some issues with amd chipsets which they fixed. it was to do with memory read/write/copy.

so tell me if you get weird temps on other motherboards [AMD] or your CPUs [AMD]

thanks to you specially for taking the time to read this, appreciate it alot.

last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR :D :D have a beautiful year ahead of you brothers and sisters. i sounded like a religious guy just there :D

so what do i do about the CPU fan not throttling up and down ... it prefers the maximum RPM :(

It should be configurable in the BIOS.  I think MSI boards have a "target temperature", so select a target temperature.  I do believe there's also a fan % speed, which it will run at until the CPU starts to get close to the target temperature you set, and at that point it will start to increase.

shouldn't it be automatically configured ?! i shouldn't have to adjust the fan speed 

in the bios as far as i remember under the HW monitor section, you have cpu temp target which goes up to 75 or 70c then underneath that you get minimum RPM and the option to adjust two case fan RPMs. 

so is there a possibility that any of these components i received are partially dead or broken on arrival ?! or do they sound fine ?!