Temperature difference in Ai Suite vs aida64 and HWMonitor


I've been using my z97 m-plus for a while now but have just recently gotten around to installing the AI Suite.

Long story short, When I run Aida64, it, Realtemp and HWMonitor shows my 4790k running at around 70c while the AI Suite shows 45c. Who do I trust? I figure the Asus software would have a "tighter" hardware connection and therefore be more accurate but 45c under load just doesn't seem reasonable.

Any thoughts or insights on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I'm using a CM Hyper 212 in push pull in a Prodigy M case for the record

Ai Suite shows the temperature of the cpu socket sensor, while the others show the temp. of the sensor inside the cpu.

Oh. That simple huh? Thanks allot