Temp Threadripper 2950x

im running a asrock rack X399D8A-2T with a 2950x cpu and a Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 single fan.

Im running unraid on this machine. Im also running the IPMI plugin that one says CPU temp = 60-63C which i was like oh that is way to high for somewhat Idle cpu at the moment. And added 2 extra noctua fans replacing 1 corsair fan and temp only gone down 1C and i was like hmm the cpu cooler it self is wrong connected to the cpu or not enough paste. So i was googleing and say the cpu’s has a offet of 27C and that i should check the Tdie temperature. which is 33 while the other temp is 60.

So the temperature is ok. The next thing is if i check the ipmi/unraid it say sthe fans are going at full speed. 1300 for the CPU and 1900-2000 for the other fans. i think that isnt needed when the temp it self is 33C.

If the BIOS or IPMI interface doesn’t have fan controls for percentage of 100%, then install ipmitools and program the fan speed that way.
Something like 30% for idle and 80-100% for full loading.

Maybe your motherboard is like my MSI X399 MEG Creation with my 2990WX CPU, using a 360mm AIO from MSI it used to keep the temperatures relatively cool despite Precision Boost Overdrive manual overclock with a few things turned off that could add performance/heat AMD Cool N Quiet (OFF), and Relaxed EDC Throttling (OFF). Now the CPU’s temps are in the high 50s-60s Degrees C (130F) when it’s near idle on startup and not running any intensive app yet.

I would glance at MSI’s Command Center to watch the CPU boosting between 2000Mhz to 3950Mhz, but performance in a TimeSpy benchmark kept getting lower. Then it hit me what the issue is. The core voltage was hitting each core between 1.44-1.48V which was way too much for idle.
So I set an offset on the core voltage to -0.0875 and now my core volts are are normal, the CPU is no longer putting out so much heat, I achieved my highest TimeSpy score now, and best of all my 6800XT is finally showing 99%.

So check your CPU’s VCORE, yours could be out of control like my motherboard was setting mine as I initially had VCORE set to AUTO. I forgot MSI notoriously like to give Ryzen CPUs too much voltage. Which brings too much heat and hurts performance. Undervolt your 2950X with an offset.

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The temp of the CPU is 30-35C which is good its just that the Bios and IPMI shows wrong numbers.

I use this server for my Unraid. and unraid can read it correctly.

In general, all Ryzen mobo BIOS’ throw WAY too much Vcore at the cpu all the time in Auto. They attempt a high overclock for gaming loads. Not what a TR or Epyc is usually tasked with.

I always take my AMD cpus off Auto and into manual or offset with much less Vcore. And much less temps gained.

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