Tell Me My KH/s

I have 1100KH/s and I'd like to mine Litecoins. I have estimated that I will get 1100KH/s with the hardware below. Is my estimate accurate?


ATi 7970 2000mem 1140 core: 750KH/s

ATi 7850 1500mem 855 core: 350KH/s

ATi 2600XT ?core ?mem: ?KH/s

Dual Intel Xeon X5462 3.2core 900mem: ?KH/s



And lastly, what hashrate would I get from all the above, and a:

GTX 680 1750mem 1000core: ?KH/s

Will there ever be ASICs for scrypt? Once I make enough, what kind of a rig would you recommend for only mining Litecoins? If I have ten mining rigs on one socket, will something combust?

680 gets like 170khash/sec.

your estimates are about right.

however, don't post a thread saying "answer my other thread"