Teky Question, Backups and MySQL

Hey Guys,


I have a number of Teky Questions, so I thought I would break them down into a number of short threads.

So first up,  I'm looking to implement a rough a ready backup system on my PC - here are my requirements:

I need two solutions - 

Once which I can run on window 7 or 8 PC

That can copy bunch of files from folder structure A to folder structure B

That can run on nightly basis.

That subsequent times I run program / script that it will remove any deleted files from folder structure A from Structure B and only copy files which have changed.   I.e. Mirroring the directories.

To be able to explore the tree structure B in windows explorer.

The second solution:

Something that can safely backup a MYSQL database and restore it.  Ideally with time stamped backups.  I.e. 1 day ago, 3 days, 1 week.


I'm happy if the solutions involve getting dirty with scripting / batch files, / windows scripting host.


I would rather not have to install anything like Cygwin or any boated backup software (ideally).

I'm really looking for consensus - as to which is the right direction to go in.




Try looking for a program called FreeFileSync. It will allow you to synchronise to folder structures and replicate deletions and additions. You can save your synchronisations and run them via task scheduler in windows. Unfortunately I do not know enough about MYSQL to offer much assistance, however I know in MSSQL there is the ability to create scheduled backups as often as you wish, I wonder if something similar exists in MYSQL ?

Thanks List - I will take a look into the scheduled backups.