TekSyndicate Rust Server Now Available

TekSyndicate's very own Rust server is now available for 24/7 use.

You can access it by finding "TekSyndicate.com" in the server list, or by using the following command:

Press F1 > net.connect

The server is soo quiet right now

When I get back to my rig, I'll kiss you in rust, and by kiss you, closer to pillage your house and lock you in with 20 jombies

I'm on my way

Edit: Server is dead, I'll try my luck later

Hikage, I don't think zombies re in the newest update of rust, lol.

OH YES, I haven't played in a while and the zombies were my only complaint.

Awesome! The last Rust server I played on randomly shut down.


Everytime I connect nobody is online.

Would be a perfect time to get some building in without anyone attacking you or stealing your stuff.

So how polished does this game feel on a scale of 1 to 10?  I know it's still in alpha but are there game breaking bugs etc?

Defiantly worth $20 in its current state IMO. It has a unique concept which is really fun

I really doubt this game would die in a year, its one of the most played games right now, and like garrys mod, it is probably going to last a lot longer than a year.

DayZ and Rust are awesome. MMOs have come a long way.

Rust, the only game where naked men with assault rifles is a good idea.

nudity.off false

 if you want to have a good time

can you please post the Ip?

It's in the OP. 

How many people have been playing this server lately?

me and my friends played on a server last summer called teksyndicate wasn't sure if real or not, now i know it wasnt. i cri evritiem

It was a temporary one that I was running.