TekSyndicate outfit in Planetside 2?

I had a chance to try out Planetside 2 yesterday. Barely got it working on my laptop on a level decent enough to play. The game is buggy as hell in its current state.

However, the game gave me the same kind of feeling I had years back when I was playing Call of Duty United Offensive multiplayer. COD UO had those huge 64 player maps packed full with players. Row of tanks attacking fortified enemy position with infantry running just behine, machine guns, 88mm anti-tanks canons, bazookas and scary sound of incoming artillery shells. Planetside 2 has a very similar atmoshpere, and, oh boy, I had lots of fun when I got it running.

So I was thinking maybe once the game is released (F2P) Logan and others can create a TekSyndicate outfit (basically a clan). And every member of Tek Syndicate will be able to join it and have some fun together? What is your opinion?

Im not Sure About a Tek Syndicate Outfit, But If You Dont Mind Playing On The Aussie Server, And Are A Dedicated Player you should try out for the outfit im in Omega Company

We Are New Conglomerate.