TekSyndicate Event | GoldenEye: Source

TekSyndicate has teamed up with the developers of GoldenEye: Source to bring the community an awesome game night filled with lots of retro GoldenEye fun!  For more info on downloading this Half-Life 2 Mod before the game. visit the GoldenEye: Source Website.

Date: Tuesday, Sep. 11th, 2012

          7:00pm EST (12am GMT, 4pm PST)



Note: I will not be present at this event.


Never played the original or this. Should I participate? Is it good?


Keeps crashing for me. Im running v4.2.1 on Win7 Pro x64.

Tries to open, then locks. I go to my desktop and it says hl2.exe has stopped working. I have all 3 Source SDKs installed and my programs and drivers are current. Dont know why it isnt working. Is 4.2.1 buggy/broken?

I have this and it's tons of fun! Can't wait for this event.

You'll see my stupid ass running around, steam ID is damnerror for anybody wondering, but I play as "error", probably will switch to CaptainPancakes.


I suggest re-dowloading again. Here is best link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/goldeneye-source/downloads/goldeneye-source-v42-full-installer

If that doesn't work please check the integrity of SDK Base 2007, and HL2:EP2(if you have it installed).

To check integrity:

Right click on game in steam, properties, 'Local Files' tab, 'Verify Integrity Of Game Cache'

Hope this work, sorry for inconvenience. 



I'll be there gaming. Handing out plenty of achievements.

I will be there! A little late but I will be there. :)


It's my brothers birthday that day, and that's usually the time we'd end up eating dinner. I'll see what happens then, looking forward to playing with you guys, being that you're all awesome and won't give each other a hard time.

Steam ID: Best Milkshake

I'll probably be there, assuming I don't sleep through it.

Where is it being held? What servers, etc.

I wanna be there so badly but my computer died and all I have is my crappy Steve Jobs machine laptop which I don't even know if it can run this mod. If it can it'd be great to hear how cause I want to be part of this so bad! 

Ohh. i remember last Goldeneye event, i got my ass wopped so hard trying to figure out the game.

but.. tuesday? :(

This should be done in the weekend, so timezone lagged people like me can participate

What server will this be on?

I cant wait i get off at 7 but 730 EST im in game WOOT steamid is dexslab and will be plain as Dex's Lab

Yes, you should.

Goldeneye 64 laid the groundwork for modern FPS games. It was the Doom of 1997.

This will be fun, hopefully I can finish my assigements for tuesday night.

Count me in!

Nooo! I'm going to be in class for the first hour. Downloading anyway hopefully this will go on a while.

I wish I had time to preload that game earlier. Haven't used Steam for a while now.

To clarify, will it be like 12pm NZ time the event will start?