Teksyndicate Destiny Clan [XBONE]

I was just wondering if there was a teksyndicate clan in destiny for the xbox one.  If not and any of you guys would like one I can work on making one if there are enough people interested.  I for one would like to see the best of teksyndicate defeat the vault of glass:D

So sell your Xbone and games and other console junk and we'll help you build a PC that will shit all over your console.

Why God!? Why!

This is what I was expecting...I already have a pc that may or may not be better than yours...I enjoy playing some console exclusives like destiny and halo...

I have played Destiny on the PS3. Got it cheap when the "Next Gen" consoles came out. Love cheap crap!

We (most of tek syndicate) don't want to reward bad behaviour of publishers who choose to ignore our platform of choice.

I for one have no desire to pay another $500 and Xbone Live recurring scam.


Ps3. Dat custom firmware, tho. Was sad they disabled cross platform servers. 

Ya I bought the xbone before I got into pc gaming.  Now I have it and I have like 3 years of gold left so that's why I have it...and bungie is tied with bethesda for my favorite game dev