Tek's studio noise audible

While viewing Tek videos recorded at the current home base studio, I can hear what sounds like the computer fans running in the background. Either that or an electric hum coming form somthing in the room. Can anyone else hear this?

The same noise isn't present in other videos such as the "secret location" videos, etc.

I couldn't hear this last week using an epically crap pair of USB computer speakers powered by the GAZ77xUD5H's onboard sound card. But I recently installed an Asus  Xonar Essence STX card driving Sennheiser 558 headphones. The sound comes mainly from the right earpiece. The fan sound gets louder as I increase the volume. When I pause the video, all sound disappears, pure silence.

In the latest Inbox (0035), the sound got louder when Logan left-clicked his mouse at 6:06.



Yes, the sound is prevelant in a few videos.

It's not your computer, so don't worry.