Tek's Favorite Steak Seasonings?

Wendell, Pistol, Qain, or Logan, I don't know if any of you are carnivores, but I'm a big BBQ griller as well as a fairly competent computer builder. I'm always looking for really tasty seasonings to try on the different steaks I'm grilling. Seeing as you guys are pretty knowledgeable on food as well as technology, what brands of seasoning would you guys recommend for seasoning steaks (ribeyes, strips, filets, porterhouse, etc)?

all you need is salt in pepper imo, for a good steak. but A1 is always good haha.

Horseradish... but I never eat steak... but if I do it's probably a prime rib. 

How can you never eat steak!  I live off of steak.  Haha :)

Beef or bison? If you aren't eating bison steak, then you are missing out on a flavor explosion. I hardly eat red meat, but when I do, it is cooked very rare, with kosher salt, fresh cracked coarse black pepper, olive oil, and patience.

Thanks, I'll give it a shot, you reckon Wendell or Qain eat steak?

Super coarse black pepper, smoked salt, some butter, and a little bit of chili powder makes the world go round.