Tek Syndicates new NAS 9~ months on, can we get an update?

Hi @Logan, it would be great to get an update on how the new NAS has held up for you. Still noisy? Drives holding up? Hows the case and board. Have you added/modified the build or done anything else with it virtualisation wise?


Yes, I would love to see this, especially if you guys have done some cool customizations on it.

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I may also support that request. I would love to hear how well it holds. Also if your happy with the performance of the mainboard (soc) from ASRock (wrong: supermicro).

Pretty sure that's the ASRock C2750D4I board in there. I have one as well, also powering a NAS. It works great for me, no problem transcoding/streaming 1080p over the LAN but I have yet to try multiple streams.

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Agree, it would be great with a follow up. Would also be interesting to know
- have you done any tweaks to reduce power consumption, assuming it is running 24/7
- are you happy with how you allocated the HDs to the VDEV(s). I had to redo this, it is a pain to re-allocate when you have started to store data.
- do you have a 40TB backup solution or some suggestions? Is tape a mad idea for SoHo? Build another 40TB NAS :-)

BTW. I discovered Tek Syndicate when researching my own FreeNAS build. I like building PCs but did not have the time then and had to focus on the software setup. I used a reasonably priced 2010 HP Z400 workstation with Xeon hexacore X5650 and 12GB ECC from eBay (Should have opted for 24GB) and fitted it with 5x4TB Seagate HDD. (My thinking was that it should be some quality for the money, as I have an HPZ600 at work with XEONs and ECC RAM that has been great in my daily development since it was switched on in 2010).

Seagate anything makes me nervous as fuck, to be honest.

I so hope the Asrock C2750D4I is worth the hassle ^^ its incredible how hard it was to get where I live. But still its the cheapest option to get ECC that I found.

Yes, good point. I know the reputation of Seagate and also it is the desktop drives, not NAS drives. I am ok with the redundancy and possible downtime in this case. Looking back I should have used 5x2TB of desktop Seagate or WD which would have been more on the level of the PC and ambition for this build.

I will budget more time and funds for the next build, with HGST and build the server similar to Logan's NAS or Wendell's Nasferatu.