Tek Syndicate's education

Just out of curiosity where did Logan, Pistol ,Qain or Wendell go to school? Did they go to college ? What did they major in?

maybe this question would be better off in the Inbox.exe subforum, since it is more personal to the Tek crew? maybe they would answer this in their next Episode of inbox.exe, I would also be very interested in their aducation!

this question is very personal and TOO FAR

How is this question too personal? It is about their education, not their personal relationship status.


their personal education

I think the question was aimed more at "Where did they go to school, and what did they study, so I can do something similar," and not "Where did they go to school because I want to stalk and ridicule them."

i dont recall the youtube host class in college.

I would very much like this question to be answered as well.

Thank you :D

Yes, this is something I'm sure a lot of other people would like to know, too. Even if it's not where they went to school but even what everyone studied (or if they went to college at all O.o). 

Look at Logan's LinkedIn profile, he went to Florida State University according to that.  

I'm fine with you asking about their education; I really don't know if they will respond or not though...

Just remember don't fall into ad hominem.