Tek Syndicate "Standard Issue" mouse reveiw

Link to my review on YouTube of the Tek Syndicate "Standard Issue" gaming mouse. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also hope I was thorough. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions... just let me know.

Not bad video, you do pause and say "uhhh" a lot. I would recommend making a script or an outline, you have a very monotone voice and with pauses, sighing and the "uhh" it sounds like you are bored... which makes, me at lest, bored too. The auto focus was a little annoying, hurt my eyes a little bit tbh, would recommend doing B roll or something over just winging it. Would give more visual interest to the viewer.

I would suggest giving more info, mainly speaking on the specs, hell I would just say verbatim the mouse info from the epic pants page. Biggest ones among them being the Omron switches and Pixart PWM 3310 optical (infrared) sensor, you said it was a good sensor but I didn't hear you say what sensor it is.

All in all not a bad video, could use some work. Kudos on actuality doing a video, unlike me just thinking about it.

-----Edit------ Your UnBIOSed News #1 is much better in regards to everything I pointed out above, you sounded more excited, not as many pauses and barley said "uhh"

Thanks for the criticism. I'll try to show a bit more energy in future videos. :)

One of my main goals behind the channel is that everybody can fully understand what I'm talking about even if they are a bit of a newbie in the hardware world. Average Joe probably doesn't care or know about Omron switches or a Pixart PWM 3310 sensor. In reality that just transfers into it being a reliable mouse that is exceptionally accurate; which I tried the best I could to convey that message.

Will definitely be doing B-rolls and similar when I get a bit more of a following and can justify getting more powerful video editing software.