Tek Syndicate Standard Issue Mouse Question

So I've been around, with one name or another, for a while. Back when the TS Mouse was announced I ordered 2 of them. Since TS is going to be going away (or so I gathered from @Logan in his intro to Crit TV video) after the remainder of their contractual obligations have been fulfilled I was just wondering, are these TS SI mice going to be considered rare or collectable? I know that about 1,000 were made and they sold out of them in about a month and a half.

I guess I'm just curious. One is my daily driver (next to a el cheapo Monoprice mechanical keyboard with Gateron blue's) and the other is in cold storage.

Good to be back, albeit with yet another name.

The manufacture of the mouse starting selling them on the side so more than 1000 were sold.

Here is a link to the thread: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/tek-syndicate-mouse-is-this-seller-legit/104215


Wow, that's pretty shady. Just checked the eBay link and looks like it's sold out, which is fine to me, but damn that is a hugely high price for a pretty generic mouse (don't get it wrong, I like mine and it's one of the most comfortable I've used in a long time.) So much for that original 1,000 being a limited run though. I'd have to guess maybe, just maybe, the OEM was selling off what might have been RMA stock or the manufacturer presumed it was so popular a second order would have been a sure thing? IDK I'm just guessing at this point. Maybe they were just being dicks.

In any case, Thanks @MichaelLindman for letting me know. I appreciate it.

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I believe Logan never got the rights for the mouse, that's why it got sold elsewhere 🤣.

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