Tek syndicate Standard Issue: MOD Edition

TK mouse is pretty great for the price. easy to mod if you dont mind up messing up the Teflon "feet"

so here's the box, looks good.

like everything else; made in shangrala.

nice box you can reuse later

looking good

shot of the underside

close up of the underside

over exposed shot

from the side

comes with a "gamer" usb connector


opening near at the telfon feets

underside of top

top shell off

close up of top underside


removed the weights

choosing what color to go with.. thinking red.

the LED mod came a few days later. Opening up the mouse again

Shot of the led's

needed some tools to help

snipped off the back led

led off

badly soldered on red led, it works! BUT, the forward voltage was too high so the front led does not light :(

shots of the new color, a little brighter on the top left. :\

comparison next to minoix 8200

so i ended up dropping the mouse and some how dislogged my poor soldering job so now the back doesnt light but the front does, lol.

going forward gonna open it up again, and use a smaller red LED so hopefully the front led lights up too, if it does i might think about changing the front one as well.

not a bad mouse at all, the mouse is really easy to access for mods and if you're one the people who want braided cables, it seems you can easily do it yourself.

good luck in the kitchen!


Looks pretty sharp in red

Nice work. I'm thinking about trying this out as well. Not sure what color though.

Fixed the led. I like the way it looks more but forward voltage still too high so the front led doesn't light. I think I need to change a resistor somewhere oh well.

Textured side pics

I'll try to remember to bring some resistors to lan syndicate, we'll figure it out, ill have my tools

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Nice work, looks great!
Did this mod myself. Been having some trouble getting it all posted up here. Hopefully soon.