Tek Syndicate Standard Issue mice owners thread

Post your picture of your Standard Issue mouse here.

I personally love this mouse, coming from a Corsair M65. The difference is night and day, especially without a braided cable. It's dead on accurate too. I needed an extra mouse for my laptop, so I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Thank you @Logan for sharing this for the community.


heres mine

right on night and day, coming from a logitech wireless m560. PCGAMER NOOB.


Just got mine. Really awesome mouse for the money. Kind of wish I could customize the DPI levels, but that's nit picking. I also want to see if I can stuff a new RGB LED in it and control it with an Arduino and a bluetooth transceiver. I've got them ordered so I'll see how that goes.

Hopefully Logan doesn't mind haha.


I'm on board, I'm just waiting for the Raze logo mats to come back in stock to do the combo before the 1K run of mice runs out...

Just got mine in the mail today, put it in the car so I can use it at work tomorrow.

Just having it in my hand it felt really comfortable, only thing I would like to change is I want a red LED so it matches the rest of my setup.

I'm curious why it's infrared instead of laser???

Laser mice need to stay in good contact with surface before "breaking connection" ... but I thought laser mice were more accurate too? Am I a victim of commercialism brainwashing?

I just received my mouse in today, and I must say great work, so far I really like it. Feels so much better than the basic Logitech mice I've had. Scroll wheel feels great too. :)


Anyone figure out what mouse the shell is from? They said that they didn't use a new mold since that would have upped the cost.

A friend of mine thinks it could be an old mold of a Razer mouse, but I don't know for sure. I'm quite curious as well.

Got mine today.


Review coming soon.


hopefully there will still be some available.

tag him, see what he says

it replaced my m65 , and now I use that at work. come to realize, I really suck with my aim now. :| I palm the mouse, and I kinda wish the "sniper" was brought in a little more. I have to do a slight arch with my hand. I still getting used to it

possibly lmao. its why Logan said it will work better on a black surface

I love the buttons on it. the click leaves me satisfied.

post review link here, when its uploaded. looking forward to the review

Anyone else open it up and remove the two weights?

Also, Logan should fix the epic pants site because the DPI steps are 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 with a 250 DPI sniper button.

The mouse feels very good - it mimics the classic Intellimouse Explorer shape. I am glad the sniper button is way up front, because if it were up to me I would prefer a mouse without one.

After about a day of use, I'll say this;

I really suck at aiming, landing about %60-%70. the m65 DPI settings were different from this. this is my journey to git gud

Plug and play, and no drivers a big plus.

I like to palm grip my mice, so it was very comfortable. I just wish the "sniper" button was brought in a little bit more while playing a game (slightly have to claw grip if I need to). It's fine when I'm not playing a game.

After watching joker's video about braided cables, the rubber cable is a big benefit


there's weights in it? it doesn't even feel like it does.