Tek Syndicate saved me from the brink

In my youth, I played computer games. A lot of games. My parents got me JumpStart educational games to help me learn basic subjects, like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT7CN7eXV4k .

But even that could not keep me from going further. Through my older brother, I found Age of Empires II. That game probably taught me more about strategy, logical thinking, and history than anything I could have read or watched at that age. Then I played Age of Mythology, a game that further intrigued and challenged my developing mind. I love the Age of Empire series to this day. 

But through that same brother, I found a dark and sinister force lurking around, waiting to capture my attention and take my money. In 2004, he sneaked an Xbox into the house under my mom's nose. She was furious when she found out what he had been playing (Halo) around me. Through much begging, he was able to keep the xbox, and so I was lure into the console realm of games.

For years, I satiated my pubescent rage with Halo, CoD, Gears of War, and other largely straight forward shooters. For years, the hype slowly wore off. Last summer I found myself completely lost for games. Then I found out about Minecraft, and I got sucked by all its greatness. But with limited time to play, my interest slowly waned.

For the last year, I have been content with Youtube and TV. With no further interest in PC games past Minecraft, I was prepared to save money to buy one of the "next-gen" consoles. Then through coincidence, I saw a thumbnail for a Tek Syndicate video in youtube with the title "Verizon want to destory the internet". What I saw was one of the weirdest, funniest intro's I've ever seen. After exploring some videos, I found the site. I wandered the forums, thinking it was going to be filled with crass, hard core tech-heads but I was delightfully wrong. The forums are filled with very decent, professional people with a cumulative knowledge base equal to that of 72 IT departments. Folks have been cheery, helpful, and just genuinely nice, and the videos always have a laugh and some food for thought.

If this is what the PC community is like, I'd like to join it. So thank you Tek Syndicate, for providing a pleasant atmosphere and professional advice.

I do like how this is written :) Anyway, welcome to the club buddy, we have good games that are free, and also games that aren't made by money sucking companies, so dive on in!

Welcome aboard ! here we have more mods and less hacks 

Welcome to Tek Syndicate!  We hope you enjoy it here.  I certainly have.

Welcome to the community man! I had that same background as you. Your parents must of got in bed with mine and created a double of me/you

well, we can be crass at times, but most of us find that shit to be stupidly immature for serious topics.

I do agree on you with that. I also tend to be very immature (including on the spam posts when I say "penis" and Destroyed007 gets pissed off me for that XD )

Welcome, mate! You'll enjoy it here.

Welcome to the community! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here (for the most part). That is a well written article you have constructed.

Welcome to the Tek community, dude (I assume you're a guy; please correct me if I'm wrong about that). Seems we have a very similar background.

Glad to see you enjoy the Tek as much as we do. I hope you find good advice and great friends here.

Cheers! :)

Yeah I've just joined too. Sold my 360 and one of my axes recently in order to get into PC gaming then quickly realized I knew nothing. Started doing some reading and watching some videos about what components I needed and discovered Tek Syndicate which has been a great source of help. I never really had a great deal of interest in computers or tech in general, but after I watched the build videos I started watching the other stuff and I'm really interested in it all now. Always nice to discover something new that broadens the mind ay?

welcome to pc where the mods are legit and the games are even more realistic then ever before.

Those are EXACTLY the same PC games I started off with too... that was like reading something that I wrote. Weird to say the least. 

Yay, more people c:

Aye. I guess we're in the same boat then. 

It looked like you were trying to help but you were instead bombing spam posts with idiotic comments. Anyway, it doesn't help for the fact that you were trying to stop spammers.

Welcome mate, yeah the tek forum is a nice place.

Welcome man. Glad to have you here! :D

Cant agree with this post more. Growing up in the 90's, I played alot of PC games. My younger brother bought a PS2 and I got sucked into the console world. Well, about a month ago my PS3 went up in smoke. I think it was a sign from above. A sign to go back to my roots. This community has helped me get back into the scene more than anything or anyone. 


Its refreshing to find an online community not ripe with trolls and flamers. 

Never fails when I say *****, everytime; I do you are there XD. I always laugh when you put me in the edits of the spam posts