Tek Syndicate mods/build logs sub forum?

Good day Tek Syndicate team

I see many people are making and posting their custom PC creations on the forum but they often end up under the various hardware sub headings and mixed amongst the other topics/questions that mainly refer to commercially available equipment. Would it be possible for you guys to make a sub forum dedicated to custom builds (work logs etc) and custom, out the box modifications? Like your 1440p screen on an angle poise lamp arm.

I ask this as I’m gradually gathering components to build a from scratch all wood and brass/copper steampunk case with integrated liquid cooling and I would like to showcase my work/build log to inspire other members to build and post their own creations

I second this motion.



Was going to email Logan about it.


I had some spare votes, yer welcome.

i think this is an excellent idea. +1

Good idea but I have no votes... :(

good idea!

also +1

Emailed Logan about it. We'll see.

Aswell as a hardware subforum "peripherals" for monitors, mice, keyboards, and even webcams/mics.

"Other Hardware"



I cant wait for this to happen. would be nice to get notifications on build logs in my "my stuff" tab.