Tek Syndicate Moderators

How do you become a moderator for the Tek Syndicate forums? Are there any other ranks between normal members and moderator members?

if you donate lots of money you MIGHT become a mod. donate to the right ---->

there will be donor ranks soon. there really are no specific citerion for becoming a mod, however, if you need to ask, you're probably not eligible. basically, if Logan feel you can be entrusted with the duties and powers of a mod, and they need more mods, then you become a mod. simple as that.

We check on your amount of contribution, your commitment to this site, how much you've helped others, your attitude overtime, and finally, can we trust you?

Donate all my money to the Gamefly Winter sale? Done.


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You can't go around asking to be a mod or posting with the intention of being a mod.

mods were chosen based on their attitude, knowledge, commitment, trust, and just how cool of a person you are. If you are that keep it up and you might get recognized. about 7months back logan made a thread asking the community who they would like to see become a mod and it happened.

There are a few different levels of mods,..

  • Admins: red box around there name with administrator under it. TMK this is only Logan, Wendell, & Pistol
  • Moderators: or "overlords" This is people with a red box and moderator under it. There are alot, too many to type out right now.
  • Demi-mods: (that's what we're calling them) They have power in specific forums like hardware or coding. They don't have anyway to tell who they are due to some drupal limitations in the code but wendell is working on it. an example would be brennan, or devon, they are demi-mods for hardware and coding sub forums respectively

Back when they chose some new mods months ago I thought berserker was going to get mod or atleast demi-mod for hardware. I don't think he got it at the time because he was still a new user 2-3months old. I think Logan made the right choices.

New mods will be chosen whenever Logan needs more or if one decides to step down. Still, preserve good attitude.


no, I have it disabled, and the arrow lines up with it for me too

It is the same with any respectable forum. If you want to be a mod, Then you wont be. A mod is chosen for what they provide the community. They have been a part of the community for some time, Provide detailed information for all users on the forum and help out wherever they can. 

It is less of a whos been a part of the community the longest while providing good information for the community, Rather who has the best personality to fit the role. You have to by nature act like a moderator would. What sort of personality do moderators have? Well most people are clueless and if you have to ask then its not for you.

I'm not asking can I be a moderator, I just wanted to know how the moderators were chosen. Even if someone explicitly says they want to be a moderator, I would prefer someone who is enthusiastic, not someone who doesn't care whether or not they are.