Tek Syndicate Mobile

Will the Tek syndicate forums ever become a mobile app? 

probably not since that requires money for development, and there is not much money to go around for such a thing when you can get on the forums through a web browser on your phone, so a mobile app is redundant.

we're working on it. I need to upgrade the way that the old video posts are stored in the database so we can export it in the geed. theres app source on github that is almost there. But I have to fix up the field thing to do it. Big changes.


Brb checking github for keez

I think an adaptive design approach would probably satisfy the needs of most users without the need for a dedicated mobile app...  but that's just me : )  Unless you're talking about the app being more or less an RSS feed simply for serving up the videos, then that could be useful I suppose.

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Ok ok I was only kidding around.

I'm assuming the app is just going to be developed for Android?