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I am currently making a website for a beginner coding class and I was thinking of using a menu similar to the one used on this site for the main section. Could anyone explain how the code behind that works and how I could implement it? or to somewhere/one that can? I am just starting to make my website so if a clean slate is required then that would be a possibility. If it is of any help I am doing this project in Dreamweaver CC with some help from Photoshop CC for the images. A detailed reply would be much appreciated.

Also could someone point me to somewhere that can teach me how to do some more advanced things than making a basic website with only 4 pages.

Much thanks in advance

they use drupal cms it generates the code around a template they made

[im no expert at this sort of stuff so make sure to verify all of this]

Looking at the menus it seems to be normal linked text with some sort of javascript script to do the fancy animation as it goes down the page. (if you right click on an element of a web page in firefox you can find a context option that says "inspect element" and it sows you the non rendered html and I would amagine any modern browser has similar abilities)


For "more complex" websites you might be looking for something called a dynamic website. This means that some sort of programming code  inserts code into the html templates that the website already has. For example in this comment there is probably a section of html for the comment section itself but then the website queries a database for the number of users and content  of their comments and then inserts, for example, code that renders the name of the user, their picture and the content of their message. Does that make sense?

You're not looking for a CMS you're looking for that functionality. Google is your friend use it.

Everything on the site is based off of http://getbootstrap.com/ it is extremely useful and helpful and easy to learn.

Thanks for the help, unfortunately these are out of my abilities right now. I was more hoping for an example of HTML 5 code that would achieve at least a similar effect

Like I said google is your friend. :) http://geedmo.github.io/yamm/


If you use bootstrap 3 you'd want to use this http://geedmo.github.io/yamm3/