Tek syndicate; how did it all begin?

Hello fellow members,

I am not old enough a member to understand when tek syndicate began or how it even began, any ideas for enlightenment? 

Also why are there 2 names, Tek syndicate and RazeTheWorld? are they seperate entities or technicaly the same? 

If anyone knows the full history that would be quite cool to have in a timeline on the site or something...

Thanks in advance

In the older youtube vids they talk about their history with tiger direct and comp usa. There are a bunch of vids like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ3DiahbFzc all over youtube from those days. Raze the World was an earlier shot at a site like this but was a little to metal for the sponsers they wanted... at least that's what I've gathered so far.

Razetheworld was the predecessor to teksyndicate. It was a great forum, very small compared to the size of this forum today. Logan said that the forum was outdated and the name (razetheworld.com) was putting companies off sending stuff because it was a bit too extreme.