Tek Syndicate Game Group

I notice we have a lot of individual threads for gaming groups, but no specific thread for all games, all gamers.

So I propose we make a single thread for all partner requests. If you're looking for people to play with in a specific game, post it here with your battle.net/steam/gamertag. Game modes and preferred play time is also suggested.

The community has a steam group here that doesn't have posts like these either. Seems like a lot of us play, but we don't play as a community.

I'll start:

I'm Ramiel #1660 on Battle.net, I'm looking for anyone to play Heroes of the Storm, and the upcoming Overwatch, out soon. I am usually available in the evenings of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, playing from around 9PM EST to midnight.

I don't care about skill/winning so much as playing with real people.

I think games like infestation, ark, and others might be interesting with a Tek Game Group.


I like this idea, I like to think I have a good rep with the Tek forum peeps, but only have one or two of them added anywhere.
I'm Xeth (Grim) on Steam, hmu if you need an extra I'll play pretty much anything if I'm not busy.

I am DeViLzzz on Steam. I have various other Steam accounts too which I play on. I also have Uplay, Origin and other gaming platforms I play on. I play games not only on PC but on consoles as well as I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Xbox One. I will update this post in the future providing more information making it easier for you to reach me and also provide a games list.

Dynamic_Gravity on Steam & Origin.

UPlay is Capta1nCrnch123
(i set it up when i had an xbox when i was 15 thats why)

I'm ThatBootsGuy on pretty much everything...
You can find me playing Rocket league Standard, Chaos, and Snow Day a lot (Veteran atm).