Tek Syndicate Drinking Game

Drink Coffee/BEEEER When

Logan Face-palms,

Logan References Apple,


Logan Mentions KimDotCom,

References Epic Pants,

Rant 30,

Talks about Alabama,

Talks about how stupid People Are,

Says the word Facebook,

Mispronounces a word,

Picks Up his paper,

Says Gubberment (Government),

Says About other Countries,

Says how awesome Google is,

How Bad Consoles are,

How Amazing Steam is.


Drink Up!

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I don't think I have enough beer for this. 

"picks up his papers" well ok now im jus going to be drunk in two minutes!

Its going to be a feat just surviving the intro now

Professional drinkers will be intoxicated after 15 minutes or so...

I dont think i can handel that much coffee.

i whould try but i am not a fan of death XD


Maybe just the first five or so... Rant 30 is a segment of the show, so not sure it makes sense to include it.

I would add when Logan takes a sip of his beverage to this list.

Haha, yeah same here. Try shots LMAO