Tek Syndicate DAYZ Standalone Group

Hey all,

I would love to find people on here who are actively playing DayZ Standalone. If you did before and haven't recently I urge you to pick it up again! Whether you are just a bambi. a bandit, or a hero, it would be nice to all come together. We already have one thing in common, we are Tek Syndicate members! I have a Ventrilo server we could all hop on whenever we please as well. If you're interested comment below and lets survive together. 




I'd love a good DayZ group, get more people and count me in!


Yeah, count me in. I'm from Europe, so if you're from the US i won't be able to play with you guys, you know, high ping.

Sounds good, tell anyone you know who also plays. I'm Jmethmin on Steam, go ahead and send me a request!

I'm in the US unfortunately man.

Alright, request sent!


I'm in, I also love to play the mod. So either one I'm happy with. Added you. 


damn, im from eu too =(

Well make a seperate US - EU groups ? I'm EU too ;D

Good idea, we should do that.

Who would like to schedule a game night where the people of teksyndicate go on a server and play for two hours or so?

I'm down for what ever. I can play 4PM-9PM EST. Just add me on Steam: MrLayVon on Youtube just message me and let me know.