Tek syndicate app

HTML5 videos? Maybe make the app support downloading them to the device for offline viewing? Maybe have a built in function to allow downloading them like an mp3 podcast. make them able to download the mp3 version.

I don't know how @rockking is coming along with the app but I would definitely be willing to help out whenever I get spare time for an iOS version. I have C, C++, C# experience.

please no. that app is terrible

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@wendell can i get you to email me some basic documentation on the new API

well i was waiting for @wendell to get back to me on some things for the JSON API, but with forum move means gonna have to rework some parts. an iOS version is outside of my ability as i do not own a mac and i am to cheap to buy one lol more like to poor.

https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-api-documentation/22706 it's kinda easierish

well its got some of the things i was trying to get information about already built in. like a json feed for getting topics. it also supports categories. which makes things pretty easy in terms of app navigation. but it spits back so much extra json. like featured users...i dont care who the feature users are. overall, i think this wont be to bad of a transition. will the old API still be available for videos?

old APis will continue for posts, and comments on posts, but not the forum topics. So there's that. LoL.
If you want a json example, view the page source on the home page, just a bit of cross-site json to fetch the hot topic list from this site. it's real easy.

i am just looking at the API examples. how it lists latest.json for latest posts, works. lot of extra data but works. so will work on this tonight for a while. long as the old API continues for videos

sorry to interupt the serious coding talk, but i'm impressed that an almost dead post rised up from the ashes to become one official Tek Syndicate app. this is awesome

its interesting how this forum works...i gotta go fix bookmarks for forum topics though lol there was on that contained the V1 spec...and since the new forum is in place it no longer goes to the right place