Tek Syndicate App: Icon Style Poll [POLL CLOSED] (please participate by favoring an icon)

Voting Closed

Simply favorite the post with your favorite icon!
The winner has been chosen. See here.


The current icon that we have for the app is from an automatic generator thingy. The main issue with it is that it is too small. This means that we need a new icon. I will be using Inkscape to do this.

There will be four five posts after this one in this thread. All will have a different style icon included in them. Whichever one receives the most likes/favorites will be chosen as the official app icon. The due date for the votes is by the end of the day on Sunday, 4/18/2015. I will select the most popular one and upload it to GitHub.

As for suggestions to the already posted images, please comment in this thread. Stuff like "round or don't round the corners," "make it darker," etc. If those receive a decent amount of likes compared to the actual images votes, then I will use them.

Official Tek Syndicate App Thread

Style #1 (gradient background)

Style #2 (flat background, gradient border for 3D)

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Style #3 (flat background, no gradient border)


Style #4


I recreated the icon for proposal, high resolution mode, Style #5

This uses the drop shadow material design that google has proposed.


Where did you get such a hi-res Raze The World Logo?

Skimmed it off of the website resources, if I remember correctly, it's the same one in our images folder on our app.

The one in the GitHub folder is only 256x300. It looks fine though.

I have noticed that 51 people have viewed this, but only 12 people have so far voted!

Please vote!

Rounded edges. Because... you know why ; )

They're all a little rounded. I could increase that.

Only 19 likes for 86 views? It isn't that hard. Just press the heart icon on the one that you like most. That's all we ask.

1,2, and 3 all look identical to me.. there I said it.... I prefer them over the grey scale though. I also like the rounded corners proposed by the user jean1880, it frames the image better. mho

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There are two close on the ballot race. The ones that look the same look different on my monitor. Then again, it is a very nice monitor. The contrast is nice.

Last day to vote!

Make that 6 https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/tek-syndicate-app/77016/4?u=vadisi
Where do we vote?

Sorry, but it's a little too late to add another to the contest. It began two days ago and ends today. Please vote for one that is above by simply liking/favoriting it.

The winner is #5 by @jean1880! I will implement it.

For the record:

  • Style #1 - 0 votes
  • Style #2 - 1 vote
  • Style #3 - 11 votes
  • Style #4 - 3 votes
  • Style #5 - 14 votes

@jean1880 do you have the original file (SVG, AI, etc.) fo the design? I would like to export different sizes instead of resizing the exported one (very painstaking). It will scale more properly and be quicker that way. It's also good for archival purposes incase we ever need to change anything.

I originally did the design in photoshop, i can upload the .psd to git, unfortunately very bad with Illustrator, and other vector tools... But the PS file does have all the components used