Tek Syndicate Ads

Tek Syndicate is running some interesting ads now... :P


Haha, probably a google ad that is reflecting your search history...


yeah generally a good idea to not discuss what ads are being thrown at you for this very reason.


solution = join tek support! :D


Whomever searched the topic of the add is at fault not Tek Synidicate. Your ads show what you have reached now we all know.

Well I can promise I've never looked for Philippine women, so I'm confused where Google got that :P

Maybe I should avoid the dark corners of Reddit in the future...


o.O ....exactly what a person that was recently looking at Philippine porn WOULD say...

Denial is the Alabamian first cousin of Truth...

There are three things in life that are unavoidable without Adblock... Death, Taxes, and Google ad targeting resurrecting your demons, skeletons, and past indiscretions...

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rofl i got the same one. pretty sure its for subscribing to asiansgonewild


Aaaand this post has become "Confess your dirty browsing secrets" XD

I'm Tek Support and I still get ads :'(

Misread thought it said abs no I am said I wanted beefcake. but yeah google gives what ever you search for, Use private search when you are looking for the "good stuff"

I think there is a problem then, I disabled my adblock and allowed advertising for TekSyn through Ghostery. I still get no ad and I don't have TekSupport.

EDIT: Just tested with Ghostery and adblock disabled. Nothing

That chic is thai. Am I right? It's official, The Tek Syndicate is totally riced out. Speaking of that.

@wendell and @Logan should start getting those "Krazy Korean" deals and sales on as ad on the forum. I might pick-up a 4k monitor or a ballzy prepackaged PFsense router if it was on the Tek Syndicate forum page and direct from Korea.

Can I here a "hear, hear" from the peanut gallery? (I'm two drinks in)

*Got it, she is computer generated. Damit they got me again (pain faced).

I believe they have to add you to the list manually, so it may take a little while to get the adds removed

Yea.... I've been Tek Support for nearly 6 months now... So I'm pretty sure it's not that...

Not that I really mind... If I feel I need a break from them, I just turn ad block on lol

haha, maybe email them?

I never had any luck exploring women. Married one once....disaster.

I thought it was strange when my uBlock was disabled and yet there were no ads on the forum. I found out I had to whitelist teksyndice on the Disconnect extension. Now ads appear on top.

Yeah I had to do the same thing with Privacy Badger to get ads to appear. Back to seeing ads about Asian women yay! Oh wait, today's ad is about HP laptops. That's only a slight improvement considering the quality of HP's laptops...

google knows it all lol.

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