Tek Support - PayPal Sub?

Hey new forum user here, not sure is this the correct place to post, or whether this topic has been covered already?

I have been following the videos for about a year to 18 months now, love them, I want to give a monthly sub through Tek Support, but it will not process the credit card I have, but I was wondering could a PayPal sub option be added??

I use this option with a few online magazines I'm subscribed to, so think it could work well for Tek Support too...

For the meantime I'll just keep using Pitchin to give a monthly sub, but an automatic paypal option would be awesome! Thanks :)

I have this problem too and i really hope they add paypal too! It's just so easy to use! and i want tek syndicate to hurry up and take my damn money already coz they've earned it!