Tek Support/ Patreon/ Both

I would like to start supporting Tek Syndicate but which method or "medium" is the best for Tek Syndicate. What percentage does Patreon take? If I use Tek support, do the funds attribute to the milestones?

No clue but I'm hopping on your thread to say is paypal ever an option or could it be a option. having only credit card can be hard for some.

I don't remember if @Logan & @wendell answered that question on the last tek.

Just from some basic searching it seems that Patreon clients/creators get about 90% of what you support. This included patreon's 5% and they have to cover credit card transactions fees ~4%.

We have not figured out a way yet to back flow Tek Support members into the Patreon rewards the way we can make Patreon members Tek Support members as well. It will likely never happen because if people make contributions on here, Patreon can't get any of the loot.

Idk if paypal will be an option, but I can certainly message Patreon about it.

Patreon has made it easier to give members who contribute rewards for their contributions. They report us to the feds and take a cut, but as it stream lines the process for us we're ok with their cut. I am going to blog about this soon. The Patreon VS. Vessel and why Patreon won for us.

Please feel free to DM me if you have any other questions or post up here and I will do my best.

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Thanks for sharing all this info and I look forward to discussions on expanding to Patreon and alternate methods of funding. Hahaha now I have an excuse to support through both methods.

As I back a few others on Patreon, I was eager to hop on that bandwagon. I cancelled Tek support to stop from double-dipping. Will Patreon folks be given Tek Support perks here as well?

Yes they will. When I cannot tell you right now because I do not know but you will.