[Tek] Steam Tag

Is there a Teksyndicate steam tag/group already? Or do we need one? 

Does anyone have a sugestion for one?

After looking around, tek and TONS of varations of that are taken already. Maybe Tek-Sy?


Im making the group as we speak. I will post when everything is done.

The Tek Syndicate Steam Group is now live. Simply search Tek Syndicate and it will be the first one on the list

Turns out there were others as well but this looks more professional and I have links to the youtube and home page so yeah. 

One already exists and a tag is stupid for a forum.

there is already one for tech syndicate and razethew0rld

If a staff member has created one, we will ablidge them and use that, until then, this will be nice.

Tek Syndicate is more than a forum, its a community. I would love to play game with a bunch of the people here because we all share some interests. Not all of them, and not everyone, but most.

The short name is TekSynd fyi

Yep, in and it looks good, it'll be nice to play some games with you guys :)