Tek Rumors 0016: GNOME 3.20 Desktop Released | AMD 8-Core Zen CPU Engineering Sample Spotted | Oculus Can Harvest Your Data If You Agree To Terms Of Service

If you've been living under a rock like I have, and you're also a Gnome user like me, well GOOD NEWS, Gnome 3.20 has been released official to the public.

Who gets it first?

  • Arch Linux
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • OpenSUSE

If one of these is your preferred distro it's available.

AMD's 8-Core Zen CPU has been spotted and is allegedly being clocked at 3 Gigahertz. The boost clock is still unknown, but if it's like Intels CPU it will probably be a boost to 3.4ghz or 4%. It has also been allegedly tested and seems to be perform around the same or better than Broadwell-E chips.. only time will tell, but if this is true, we may have our Enthusiast grade AMD CPU to look forward to.

Oculus one of the "Leaders" that restarted the Virtual Reality Movement, has released their terms of Service and it is Shady as hell. Time to Put on Your Tin-Foil Hat's now. According to the Terms of Service..

If you're care about your "Privacy" get ready you will be "SON I DISAPPOINT". Oculus is collecting data so that they may "Improve the Product".. which sounds similar to what another company has said Cough Microsoft Cough.





The Oculus terms of service is enough to not buy it. cough ........Facebook


AMD chips competing with Broadwell-E .....is this real life?


Would be nice ! Still wonder how that is going to be priced if it is true ? It is not a win if it is roughly the same price. It just means they played catch up. Now if it came out with that performance and a decent price that is somewhat cheaper. Then it is a Win.

It won't be $300...

I can say for sure that no matter how expensive they will still be cheaper than Intel ones.

I dont know? They still have to make money and their investment back. I do feel like Intel is gouging the hell out of people, tho. Wait and see ? I put off my build this year to do just that.

Not buying an Oculus...

We will have to wait and see - the 9590 was almost twice the price of a i7 k part when it was released (in Australia anyway)

The sad thing about this is that a shit ton of people will still buy Oculus. smh

Also for those interested in Gnome 3.20 DON'T install it. it's still buggy and for the most part has been doing weird shit and also has mice/touchpad and GTK issues. I tried it, still has a few quirks it needs to iron out.

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I disagree.

AMD stated that they didn't want to be the budget option anymore and didn't like that image so they simply jacked up the price on their products.

It was retarded. Who cares if you're "budget" when your product is both faster and cheaper?

So expect the same $1000 price for the 8 core.

The AMD benchmarks on Zen have very bad FP32 / FP64 performance right now... They better sort out some code soon... Don't see them charging $1k for such unless it does other things good

Those Occulus terms are quite possibly the most aggressive terms of service I've ever seen... And it's terms of service for what's basically a high tech monitor. Wut?

AMD has made bad decisions before. Don't doubt their idiocy.

Only proceeded by Windows10 & RemixOS...

But they're that special idiot who calls a potato a fruit and you root for them cause you think it's cute :')

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You know I am glad that Oculus brought a huge shift for VR but my gosh, they really have gone draconian with their developments. My respect for them has diminished entirely. Glad there are other competitors like HTC Vive out there.

I want AMD to succeed but I am taking those benchmarks with a grain of salt. I'll wait until we get official benchmarks from AMD themselves.

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Ahh! I forgot that Oculus was owned by FB. It all makes sense now.

We can only hope

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