Tek Linux - Linux Mail Server - Kolab Now

Hi guys.

I was wondering about the latest episode of Tek Linux where its being discussed Kolab Now.
I do not know how Kolab used to be, but as of right now, it seems to be a paid service/software. What the?
And their pricing scheme makes me long for goddamn CALs.

Just listen to this:

All hosting accounts will be invoiced monthly in advance. Any new users created in a month will be invoiced at the end of that month.
Termination requires 21 days notice prior to next invoice being issued, the account will then be suspended.
Please see our pricing overview for indicative amounts in other currencies.

Not matter what I look at here, it does not look free.
I mean, for the prices they are asking, I might as well have paid for Office 365 and saved a lot of money.
It seems like they charge estimate 100 USD or 92€ for 10 users per month, if you want to host your own solution. Holy shitcrabs..

I love Linux to death, and I understand why they want to earn money. But why make all this so complex and it seems kind of expensive. More expensive than goddamn Office 365 and a heck of a lot more expensive than Gapps. If you want Office 365 with Skype for Busienss you do have to pay a little more than Kolab.

I myself host my solution through https://www.axigen.com/ - They might not seem as advanced feature wise as Kolab Now, but they have free self-hosting and they seriously love self-administration with a ton of pre-made python scripts. PYTHON! They are the bomb! Look at their automation tools here, it is mighty impressive: https://www.axigen.com/mail-server/scripts.php

So my vote here goes for Axigen. What do you use and why? Did you find a way to use Kolab Now for free by self-hosting (legally, not pirating stuff).

With your collaboration problem, you may have forgotten the sandstorm installation video, they have pretty decent "apps" for business and personal use: https://apps.sandstorm.io/

However, you would need full control of the server/vm instance for this to work. For my web/forum/mail server needs, I host my server from linode and I run iredmail as my email instance, discourse (like what tek syndicate is running right now) as my forum and nginx (used also to proxy containers) and other packages to run my website.

If you know what your doing, you can launch this pretty quickly, I've got this up and running (basically, added firewall rules, configs of packages, nothing frontend changed) in about an hour or so.


I don't really have a colab problem. I use Axigen which is almost as good as Kolab Now feature wise, as far as I can read. The only thing lacking in Axigen compared to Kolab is the file-solution. But on the other hand, you can host Axigen for free (for 10 premium and 10 basic accounts).

This was mentioned because Kolab Now is what got mentioned in the video. It seems neither free nor especially open source. Not anymore at least - But I do not know, since I have not tried them .

I host everything on my on VM on a residential connection. I called up Comcast and had them open up port 25 for me. I began my "homework" on this when the first Linux server video was posted back in March.

First, I followed this guide, which is excellent.

How to set up a mail server on a GNU / Linux system

I had to follow this guide to fix SASL.

Fixing postfix and saslauthd: cannot connect to saslauthd

Then I added in a few things like Let's Encrypt, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 14.04
Tech Tips – How To Implement DMARC

Yes, the guide for Let's Encrypt is for Apache. I already intended to secure my web server as well, so this was just the convenient way of doing it. After you've got the keys generated, you can replace Courier's imapd.pem. There's probably a more direct approach since I noticed the tool generates fullchain.pem, but I just did the following:

Configure courier-imap

Upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 broke auth_pam (among other things), so I used Courier's authdaemon for SMTP instead by doing the following:

Ubuntu 16.04 auth_pam broken

I'm sure there are some additional issues I'm forgetting, but hopefully these links will be of use to someone.

In that case have you looked at file sharing solutions, like hosting it on your end? or from a VPS service? Other than that I don't really know what you're asking.

Kolab can be self hosted if desired and is free if you go that route.


I was also confused but I'm pretty sure you want this link for the old kolab thing.http://www-old.kolab.org/about-kolab-server.html

Yes, I am looking to try Kolab. But was also curious on what other guys are using for mail/calendar etc. Like i said, I use axigen, but would switch if something better came up. Kolab seems cool, but i'm not really into paying for self-hosted solutions - at least not the prices they are asking. I'd pay 20 € a year to support a product that I like though.

Sandstorm may be for you then.

I'm installing CentOS7 to test Kolab right now. I'll post in an appropriate thread once I have something to report.

I have no interest in having a hosted solution like Kolab Now.