Tek Irc

Hey logan, whats up with you never going on IRC, qain not so, but the main reason I'm asking because the IRC is kind of lonely
- Omegalphapsi

Qain is there (well not right now he is in china)

I´m in irc aswell somethimes... ☺

No charcoal grills allowed

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Qain is the only one whos consistently on as far as I know. But a lonely place? Not so. There are loads of us there :D all the more reason more of the ten staff should join us :)

IRC is goot peoples

Pistol has came on it before

Wendell also but its rare.

I didn't even know such a thing existed. Still don't know how to get to it or use it lol guess im dumb


Join us :D

quick and easy way http://teksyndicate.com/chat


@DeusQain is in China. He's talking there quite often when he's not travelling though fair does to him.

@wendell and @Pistol have logged in though weren't the chattiest.

There are literally dozens of us

It's quite active to be fair.


I haven't used IRC since ICQ and Pow Wow were a thing. I remember people using java script to nuke people's computers that's about it.

Your missing out. Lots goes on in the teksyndicate IRC channels.

Yeah, I'll get in there one of these days and see what's up. ;)

sorry I haven't been on, I was camping out in the woods for 3 days

Yeah but you're on now. Where's your camp fire now? WHERE'S YOUR CAMP FIRE NOW???

meh, i just find for 60 something users theres like 5 guys that actually talk in the chat

People come on at different times and talk about different topics. Idle there, you'll spot something interesting from time to time.

Because many people like my self keep an idler in the channel so we can pull logs. And then we chat when not afk.