Tek Going Global

Hey Logan, Wendall and everyone else on the tek.

Let me just start by saying that I love the show and I'm trying to spread it around as much as possible.

A couple of months ago on one of the episodes of the tek, you explained how it was difficult to make build videos or report news that was relevant to everyone as RazeTheW0rlds audience is all over the world and your a small team in one place... So why not branch out, I can't see it being hard (considering all the people that are so dedicated on the forums) to find people in a few countries around the world to run youtube channels dedicated to certain countries. It would definitely make a lot of people happy.

Thanks guys.

Yeah but that would get complex as Logan would have to monitor them all and it's a lot more work than you would think then just creating a few new channels.

I know that it would be a lot of work but as long as they are labeled as independent channels so if they do something wrong the guys at razethew0rld aren't liable.

So do you mean like creating a tek syndicate network ? 

Because, making sure they have the same video and audio equipment quality, and the production quality itself is the same, and that the people they choose are trustworthy, and will actually have the time to do their job, is so much work, that they are better off just making the international videos themselves, as things stand now.

It would be difficult to find people to replce Logan and Wendell for the other channel(s). It is a good idea, but Logan and Wendell are the powerhouse behind teksyndicate and I don't think you could find anyone who could do their job as well as they do. We are too used to them, and any other people hosting the tek would seem too foreign.

Also, Logan and Wendell created the Tek. If other people did it, It wouldn't be the Tek anymore. So, whats the point? 

Yeah you guys have raised alot of good points, It wouldent be the Tek without the back and forth between Wendell and Logan. "Jokes on you its clorine gas" Still makes me laugh.