Teenagers laptop for gaming (SIMS 4) and school work

Hello. I am looking for a laptop for my teenagers.


  1. Be able to runs SIMS 4
  2. Integrated webcam (pandemie requires connecting with school)
  3. Learning video editing (DaVince Resolve maybe?)
  4. External monitor connectivity, they sometimes are with two at the comp
  5. Good WIFI connectivity
  6. If it is capable to run Linux later, that would be a plus. Not mandatory

800 - 1200 euro

Belgium, online


Any modern laptop will run Sims 4.
My fiance plays the game on integrated Intel graphics (HD 620).

If Resolve can be GPU accelerated, you could look into laptops with Nvidia (CUDA) or AMD (OpenGL) graphics.

For the tasks you described I would recommend a 13", low power laptop, like the Dell Vostro 5370.
Maybe upgrade the storage to 512 GB
Has HDMI and DP over USB type C.
Is Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux certified and cost new less than 800 Euro :slight_smile:

As for Wi-Fi connectivity, someone else would have to chime in.

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I took a look at the current offering. There is really no point in going above 1000 EUR for a school laptop.

You can go either for beefy, high-power ‘consumer’ grade
Intel Core i5 9300H / 15,6" Full HD / 8 GB / 512 GB / SSD / nVidia GeForce GTX 1650
or better build quality, lightweight, low-power
Intel Core i5 10210U / 14,0" Full HD / 8 GB / 512 GB / SSD / Intel UHD Graphics

My recommendation stands, Dell Vostro 13" or 14" is solid daily driver :slight_smile:

Thank you. Good advice :slight_smile:

Go for Microsoft Surface Go 3 or Lenovo IdeaPad 3. Both the laptops are best for teenagers will fulfil your needs and will come in you budget.

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